Ruby On Racetracks

There's Ruby on Racetracks, and there's Not Exactly. Make sure you choose the correct one!


Welcome to Ruby on Racetracks!

Ruby on Racetracks combines the power of Ruby on Rails with the speed of NASCAR. Ruby on Rails is a great framework, but the stock procedures are so slow and complicated. Ruby on Racetracks uses an infrastructure that provides the elements needed for all or most projects already pre-installed and thus allows you to bypass many of the slow and bureaucratic steps needed to get started. Doubling down on automation, cheat sheets, pre-installation, and good standard operating procedures enables not only much faster work but also much better quality control as well.

In other words, Ruby on Racetracks has the same basic selling points as the much-advertised Hertz #1 Club Gold program, which touts the convenience and efficiency of bypassing the line at the rental counter. In contrast, using the time-consuming stock procedures provides an experience analogous to that of renting a car from Not Exactly Hertz in a Hertz commercial and enduring bad experiences like a long line at the rental counter, getting soaked by a torrential downpour, getting lost, and getting stranded.