Ruby On Racetracks

There's Ruby on Racetracks, and there's Not Exactly. Make sure you choose the correct one!


Ruby on Racetracks enables faster Ruby on Rails development while doubling down on quality control by adhering to these core principles:

  1. Basic and routine tasks should be quick and easy.
  2. Maintenance should be quick and easy. If it isn’t, this magnifies the temptation to neglect it.
  3. A photographic memory should NOT be a requirement.
  4. That old Holiday Inn slogan was correct. The best surprise is no surprise.
  5. Large tasks should be broken down into many smaller tasks.

Long processes are the biggest obstacles in Ruby on Rails development. Even worse are long processes that require babysitting. It’s one thing for a long process to proceed without your intervention. It’s even worse when a process cannot proceed without your constant intervention. Installing Windows is a classic example of this.

It adds insult to injury when a long process fails. At least when a short process fails, it doesn’t take up that much time, you don’t have to wait to see the failure, and you can take corrective action that much sooner.