Ruby On Racetracks

There's Ruby on Racetracks, and there's Not Exactly. Make sure you choose the correct one!


In order to gain value from Ruby on Racetracks, you should be familiar with Ruby and Rails. You should learn Ruby first, because Rails won’t make sense without at least a passing knowledge of Ruby. If you try to learn Rails without being familiar with Ruby, it will feel like mysterious black magic, and it will be difficult to make sense of it.


Creating Ruby Gems

Ruby On Rails

  • Rails For Zombies: This is a great introduction to what Rails can do. No installation of Ruby or Rails is required. Go through Rails For Zombies before going through Rails Tutorial, RailsBridge, or other tutorial sites.
  • Rails Tutorial: If you are new to Ruby on Rails, use the recommended free Cloud 9 account for Rails Tutorial.
  • RailsBridge